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Alopecia - @tina.kl16

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"I have Alopecia Areata. That is an autoimmune disorder. When I was 8, I lost all of my hair. That was terrible for my family and me. Of course I made experiences with bullying. But in the last 8 years these experiences made me stronger. I think when I never got the disease, I would not be as confident as I am now. I am very thankful to my family, my friends and the organization @alopeciagesichter. All of them gave me so much energy to weather the difficult years. Now I am 17 years old and I am very proud of my bald and beautiful head. I hope I can help other people with telling my story. September is Alopecia Areata month so let's get it more #awareness and #acceptance. Thank you for reading!" @tina.shootings @tina.kl16 Photos by @_jb_pictures_



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