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Lupus Stories

“Hey! I’m Ania and I am a Lupus Warrior. After being diagnosed almost four years ago now, it has been an interesting and unpredictable journey thus far. I have a strong holistic outlook for my health and healing process. That’s mean including all aspects of life into healing, with things such as exercise, diet, natural herbs, mental health, and self-care! I’m currently a certified herbalist, blood analyst, and working on my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and I plan to go further with my education. All of these things play such a huge role in how I manage lupus and how I try to help others do the same. Support in this journey is so important. My gain goal is remission! And I know that the journey will be rocky, but maintaining motivation and keeping my eyes on the prize will help to guide me. Awareness and educating those who are in a position where I was not too long ago, wondering what to do next with the unexplainable illness, is something that gives me joy and meaning in life! I intend to help as many people as possible and help with others gain the same determination to regain their health and take their lives back!” @lovelifelupus


“Almost 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus (SLE). This came after years of unexplained fatigue, joint pain and muscle aches. Every visit from the doctor resulted in the same phrase "there's nothing wrong with you." It took a year of testing, being told the cause was a mental illness to finally having the confirmation that I had Lupus. You'd think after all of that I'd be happy to have the answers. I was for a short while. What followed after was the feeling of confusion. What now? How am I supposed to live my life with this condition that won't go away? There wasn't a lot of emotional support. I didn't have anyone to talk to about it. Social media gets a bad name (and rightly so sometimes) but it did a lot for me. It opened up a whole community of people to talk to about what I was going through. See other people talk about their experiences made my life with Lupus a lot felt less lonely. It's because of people I've found online that I want to provide the same kind of support to other people through. Chronic illness is a little easier to get through when you know you have someone on your side.” @youlookokaytome

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