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Growing up my mom always spoke openly about having depression. It wasn’t until I got older that I found out not everyone knew about mental health. As a kid I wasn’t entirely sure what it was either, but I knew my mom had it and I also knew several ways to show her support when she needed it. When I grew up I found out depression could lead to suicide and I couldn’t believe the small things I did as a kid really made a difference in my mom’s daily battle.


I thought to myself if more people were just aware of mental illness we might be able to stop some of these issues depression causes. So I started a project called AWAREcauses. The goal was to raise awareness for mental health issues. As I wore my first piece, the white AWARE necklace, a lot of people were drawn to it and asked me what it was, what it stood for, and I found myself in conversations all day long about mental health awareness.


It was so cool to meet new people and talk about a cause I was passionate about just by someone asking me a question about a necklace I was wearing. But someone asked me a question one day and it changed my life and passion for everything I had previously been doing. They said: “That necklace is so cool, do you have one for Endometriosis.” And another person said “ Yah how about Crohn's?” “Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia” and the list kept going on of all these different diseases, disorders, disabilities all kinds of things I had never heard of. So finally I said “Actually I only have this white one for mental health, but if I’ve never heard of these causes before I’m sure it needs more awareness also.” From there I did tons of research on awareness ribbons and made necklaces to match each causes ribbon color. Now people could do the same thing I was doing for what I was passionate about but for the cause they want to raise awareness for.


Every day I read and share stories of peoples experience dealing with these causes and what the necklace means to them and its become more than just a jewelry line but a community that all supports each other and I Love it. I myself am also becoming more and more AWARE every day.”


Pierson WIlliams
Founder/CEO of A.W.A.R.E.
A Way to Act and Remember Everyday


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Please help us to spread the word. So often it can be easily forgotten that there are diseases and causes that we know nothing of and therefore forget to recognize. It is our goal to bring awareness to the millions because "knowledge is power". As a group, we have the power to bring awareness to and help every cause.