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“Year after year my mom always got two birthdays. I thought it was unfair but at the same time I was confused because she didn’t get presents on one of them. It wasn’t until I was 25 that I realized we were celebrating my mom being sober. She always use to say how my brother and I were such a blessing and again not realizing what that meant. As I got older and closer with my mom she told me more about her past and how not only was she addicted to alcohol, she had also been addicted to drugs. The blessing she always talked about was us being born healthy. My brother and I grew up in AA meetings every week and I wish I had known how hard it is to overcome addiction because I’m so proud of my mom now over 20 years alcohol and drug free! I’m the one who should be saying she’s the blessing for inspiring me to create this jewelry line that’s so impactful. I wear this red AWARE necklace for substance abuse awareness. Thank you everyone for supporting me on this journey and thank you for also being apart of this community. This is one of my stories and I appreciate you guys for reading.” @pierson_williams

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