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Growing up my mom always spoke openly about having depression. It wasn’t until I was older that I found out not everyone knew about mental illnesses including myself! As a kid I wasn’t entirely sure what depression was, but I knew my mom had it and I knew several ways to show her support when she needed it.

 When my uncle died my brother told me it was due to suicide. I didn’t know him very well but it made me curious as to why someone would do that. I found out depression was the leading cause of suicide and I couldn’t believe this was what my mom had been dealing with her whole life.

After all these years being unaware I wanted to make her a present that would show her I was AWARE of how strong she was for getting the help she needed (therapy and medication).

I looked up symbols with the meaning of strength. The triangle immediately came up as it is known to be the strongest of shapes. This was the perfect to remind my mom of her strength and a necklace was something was something she could wear everyday.

My mom loved the meaning and thought put behind the necklace. She wore it everyday which made me think if I wanted to show her support shouldn’t I be wearing one as well?

I made one for myself and a lot of people were drawn to it. People were asking me "What does A.W.A.R.E. stand for?" or "What am I AWARE of?" and many other questions that all sparked a conversation that gave me the chance to talk about the cause I was passionate about... mental health. 

It was so exciting to meet new people and talk about a cause I was passionate about just by someone asking me about a necklace. Eventually this created a pattern because as I told my story people would tell me theirs.

Many of them were about causes I had never heard of and a lot of people weren’t directly affected by the cause, but just wanted to show support for a loved one. I caught myself saying multiple time”If I’ve never heard of this cause it definitely needs more awareness!” This inspired me to show support for other causes which is how I found out about awareness ribbons.

Every cause has a national awareness ribbon so that’s how I choose the colors to go with its cause. Now people could do the same thing I was doing, showing support and raising awareness but for the cause that was important to them.


Every day we share pictures of people sharing their story or just showing support. The necklace is much more than a necklace and AWARE has become more than just a jewelry line. After learning about so many different causes it was important to remind people to keep going and never give up! My brother took this idea and came up with the infinite triangle! The triangle representing strength and the infinity symbol represents to keep going or never ending.

AWARE is an awareness brand that inspires people to raise awareness all year long and show support to others so know one ever feels alone!

As I started my journey on the AWARE brand I found out my mom was also bipolar and an alcoholic. These causes I knew about but again didn’t know how important or how much they affected my mom. She is now sober over 20 years and by being apart of this community I have learned how to relate better and help others including my mom be an outlet and source for any help people may need.

Thank you for helping us raise awareness and show support for your cause!

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So often it can be forgotten that there are causes we've never heard of, which makes people affected by them feel alone. It is our goal to show support and continue to educate everyone, including ourselves! With more knowledge and awareness of these causes we'll be able to have a better understanding of what people are going through. As a community support is everything and thats why we are A Way to Act and Remember Everyday.