“Hi my name is Aly. I chose the ADHD necklace specifically because it represents two very important people in my life, my brother and my boyfriend. It’s an invisible illness that many people don’t recognize or respect. Especially with the treatment they both received in school and in boyfriends last employment. As for myself, I struggle with anxiety and depression and as I have delved deeper into research and understanding myself better I believe I might have ADHD. I am undiagnosed but I match 95% of the symptoms and that when going undiagnosed many women develop anxiety and depression due to not receiving proper diagnosis and treatment. Many women also go undiagnosed because we are taught social ways to “blend in” if we are acting in a way that makes us not “socially acceptable.” So I wear this for my brother and my boyfriend, and for women who got diagnosed late in life and for the women who are still undiagnosed.” @_alyfitzgerald

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