“Hi! I am Rose Lauren, 27 years & diagnosed Autistic. I’ve appeared here before speaking about my chronic health issues but now I want to address something else important.
When my parents were 50 & I early 20’s, we all finally recieved the diagnosis, we ALL have autism. WE are an autistic team. Loud and proud. Advocating for better understanding & celebrating our uniqueness.
Growing up, I had a rough ride. Amongst being the sick kid, trauma & navigating moving around a lot, it became clear I wasn’t like my peers. I was bullied a lot, teachers didn’t like me & my talents were oppressed due to my overenthusiastic manner. I became quite the shell of a person by my teens, traumatized by the lack of support.
Although diagnosed with AHDH at 11 years old, the Autism was missed. It was ignored as an option because I don’t fit the stereotypical, or rather, old fashioned, criteria expected for that diagnosis.
It isn’t just rain man & there isn’t a LOT of education yet on the differences in autistic women vs men. I had the mental health diagnosis’s- BPD, Bipolar, suicide attempts. I was living confused constantly because I felt SO different to those around me. It’s a turbulent journey but I got there.
I was fortunate enough to work with the National Autistic Society in London where my autism was celebrated. I got to shine. I ended up advocating for Autism on tv shows, in the media & became really comfortable with my diagnosis. Nobody questioned me or made me feel less.
Then I had a life changing event & moved back to Belgium. It’s taken me 3 years to stand proudly here. I can’t even begin to speak of the prejudice, judgement & underestimations i’ve faced. I don’t have a full time job because I need certain adjustments for all of my health conditions. But I am proud & I am working hard to change the narrative & soon I will have my own Youtube channel, focusing on helping to communicate about Autism & spread awareness.
I have hope. I am proud to be #actuallyautistic.” @a.tint.of.rose

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