Breast Cancer

“I chose to raise awareness about breast cancer because I have lost 4 amazing women in my life to the illness and I have seen the shame, pain and stigma associated with the suffering of this awful disease. Aside from losing your hair to cancer treatments I’d never understand the horror it is to really go through this hell of an illness until my science teacher who introduced me to my love of physics in the 8th grade fell to ill to teach with this disease. She wrote letters to our class discussing her treatment and how weak and consumed by death she felt. When I reached my senior year of high school and one of my best friends who was only 17 years old fell ill from this disease I quickly saw the vibrancy and joy taken from her. She finished out our senior year being teased and mocked for how tired she looked and felt, the ignorance she endured cut as deep as the doctors scalpels when they finally removed the golf ball sized tumor from her. I wear this necklace for the mother’s, the daughters, the sisters, the wives, the best friends, the teachers and all the beautiful women who make this world great! I hope that in reading this you’ll take care and compassion towards someone’s appearance in consideration for what they might be trying to survive.” @oliviachristtine

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