“My name is Kira Narrisse, I’m 24 years old and wear Teal for Dysautonomia. I also suffer from hemiplegic migraines, cyclical vomiting syndrome, and non epileptic seizures. At the age of 21 I suffered from a transitory ischemic attack (or mini stroke) and have been living with the my chronic illnesses since. My dysautonomia causes me frequent syncope with things as simple as yawning or sneezing. Early this year I had to have a port placed as the veins in my arms were no longer viable from frequent use in hospitalization as well during my weekly IV infusion for hydration. As you can imagine this has made a huge impact on my day to day life. I went from teaching kindergarten at an after school program, to reteaching myself how to do almost everything. I won’t lie and say that this journey with dysautonomia has been easy but I’ve had an amazing support system. I found a great companion and muse in my Syncope and Seizure Response Dog (in training) Delaney. I’m so fortunate to also have an amazing family around me, and now an amazing and caring community! Living with chronic illnesses is never easy but it is definitely easier when we do it together.” @sweet_lemon_tree

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I can relate to this story significantly. Keep doing what your doing and bring the awareness.

Shawn Sandquist

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