Eating Disorders

“Hi, my name is Jessica and I am wearing periwinkle to raise awareness for all eating disorders.

My life was consumed by an eating disorder for 9 years. I can’t just pin point one exact trigger that I had in my life. I just remember isolating myself and continuing to think that starving myself was normal to achieve beauty. I remember losing out on making memories with friends and enjoying my high school/college years because I was so consumed with wanting to be perfect. I wish I could say that I recovered over night, but it took years to finally admit that I had a problem and then it took another took another couple of years to actually want to change my habits. It’s easy to tell someone that they need to eat. What’s not easy is completely retraining your mind from societal standards. I educated myself, surrounded myself around people who cared I about me, and started to celebrate my body.

Day by day, you will recover. It does not matter how long it takes, just matters that you take that first step because we are all warriors and recovery and YOU are worth it.” @jessicaapatrie

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