Invisible Illness

“My name is Lorrie Gray and I wear white to advocate for Invisible Illness and to help make the invisible more visible.

I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and it's comorbidities as well as Lupus and various other conditions. I spent 5 years bedbound and using a wheelchair. Through a lot of consistent work in many areas, I've now reached a level of wellbeing that no one thought possible for me, but I still have limitations, daily pain, and low energy.

I've also crafted a life that I love, including building a successful life coaching business. I didn't do it by ignoring my invisible conditions, but by honoring my body and working with it. I've learned the key isn't having more energy or more abilities but being conscious and intentional about how I prioritize my time and energy usage.

Whether I'm coaching a person with chronic illness or a fully healthy individual, I am always advocating for them to live their best life. I believe that this isn't an exception reserved for healthy individuals, but is available to everyone, regardless of level of health. Wellbeing is so much more than physical ability.

Sending love to all my zebra, spoonie, and invisible illness friends!
You are not disqualified.” @the_ambitious_spoonie

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