Limb Loss

“I lost my legs when I was 19 due to a suicide attempt. I was struck by a train. I’m now 23 and I am a bilateral below knee amputee from this incident, therefore I’m wearing orange for limb loss awareness. I didn’t know what was in front of me when I lost my legs. Ironically, I thought that you would just get up and walk again on prosthetics instantly. However almost 4 years since this incident, I am still rehabilitating. I have struggled with how I looked since then, but then I have realized, how has this changed me as a person ? It hasn’t. I want every amputee to know that they are strong, beautiful and amazing. Unless you go through it you won’t fully understand how it is like being an amputee, in saying that, it doesn’t change who a person is. It makes you stronger and more resilient, and as I am typing this, I couldn’t be prouder to be an amputee. Limb loss awareness and support is much needed, so I hope to do this through my story.” @lozmcdonough_

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