Mental Health

“Hi my name is Fonda White I’m from San Antonio,Tx. I am a musician, producer and motivational speaker. My journey started in 2014 when I came home from college and was going through my depression. I ended up being diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder (it’s a combination between bipolar and schizophrenia). Through my dark times I always was deep into music it was my effortless truth to get me out of my depression, so I always tell people to find what your truly passionate about and go after your dreams. I’m also a motivational speaker in 2018 I was the keynote speaker at the national mental health convention in San Antonio. I have also done radio and tv appearances to tell my story. Music is and will always be my passion and I’m pursuing a career in becoming an artist and owning my own production company called “Musical Therapy Productions”. I truly feel that music is my own therapy session and want to inspire others with my music.” @iamfgwhite

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