Mental Health

“About six months ago I went threw a traumatic event that triggered and amplified parts of myself I was honestly in denial about. Anxiety and Depression. I kinda always had that in the back of mind, maybe I am? But I was in such denial I didn’t want to believe that I was depressed. Always exhausted, even from doing the smallest of tasks. I’d always describe it as, “like I just ran a marathon.” I’ve always been an anxious person, but as I got older it got worse and worse. From continuously being on edge to always sweating the small stuff and constantly trying to control everyone and the situation. After the event it only got worse. And I only got more scared to be me. The event finally pushed me to seek help. I’m now in therapy on my path to healing. I’m learning what my triggers are and how to ground myself during anxiety or panic attacks, along with truly discovering who I am! I wear white for Mental Illness, Anxiety and Depression to help raise awareness that anyone can be effected by these “scary words.” If you are struggling to ask for help because of the stigma behind it, I’ve been in your shoes. I know it’s scary to let people in and to be truly honest with them and even yourself. Know that there are people in this world who do want to help. Be kind to others, be kind to yourself. It’s ok, not be ok. I matter and remember so do you!” @paintingmycup

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