Mental Health

“I remember how difficult I found it growing up between 2 cultures, being bullied as a child because I am not Caucasian (Dutch) did not make self-acceptance easier. Also at home I didn't get the feeling of being accepted because of the strict Chinese upbringing no emotion and physical punishment.

Because of this I had a difficult childhood with depression, then a PTSD trauma, toxic relationships and a past that I tried to forget with drugs. The latter I stopped doing, especially when I found out I was pregnant with my first child.

You would think that from here everything would be better, but 4 days after the birth of my first child my best friend was murdered. A month after that a car accident and my then partner turned out to be a narcissist.

After a marriage of Narcissistic abuse, the divorce also turned out to be a struggle to prove myself as a good mother to my children. Fortunately, the truth came out and my children stayed with me. I also got a good, honest and loyal partner the best father I could wish for my children.

And then it was time to recover from my accumulated anxieties and Borderline. To contribute to my recovery, I am attending therapy and sharing my story on my Instagram about Mental Health Awareness in conjunction with parenting to support other who may be going through similar challenges and to end the stigma.

Don't be afraid to ask for help and there is always room for hope. Being a mom with mental health issues does not define me and taking care of my family means healing and being treated. My children are my reason for living and for them I will go through fire.

I hope someone recognizes themselves and finds support in my story.

"You are stronger than you think!"@tintinandmore

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