Mental Health

“My name is Brooke Garcia and I live in Denver Colorado. I hope this helps someone struggling to keep moving through the hard times, keep their head held high, and know that when you raise your frequency you’re raising your self awareness. Mental health is so vital and important to the overall development and health of oneself. Understanding this is what needs to be addressed. Through mental health awareness we’re able to find the parts inside that desperately seek healing. Keeping an eye on those triggers that bring up anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Through daily gratitudes and words of affirmations can help rewire your brain to believe in the positive, and ultimately see past the set backs of negativity.⁣⁣ Keep pushing, keep waking up each day ready to show up for yourself and those whom you surround yourself with.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣Mental health is the root for one’s overall health and wellness. Tune into what triggers you, what are the patterns. Learn healthy habits to get through the dark times. Avoid the spiral by noticing where you’re mind and soul need the most healing.” @brookealexandragarcia

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