Mental Health

“Hey, my name is Katie and I’m wearing white for mental health.

A little about me – I’m a recovered anorexic and I have depression and generalized anxiety disorder.

My anorexia was triggered when I was 13 and I went into recovery when I was 20. Even though it’s been 10 years, I still have these funny little habits and body insecurities, but I’ve learnt to deal with them, so they don’t spiral out of control. I’m still learning about my generalized anxiety disorder as this is a new experience. I randomly started having panic attacks 3 years ago as something had triggered some feelings I had suppressed after an emotionally abusive relationship and toxic friendships years before.

My confidence and socialising abilities have been massively affected by my anxiety but I’m learning to not allow my mental health to define who I am. Instead, I’m learning to accept the person I have become because of it thanks to the support of my fiance, family and friends.” @klm_mentalhealth

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