Sexual Assault

“Hey guys, my name is Molly Morgan and I wear the color teal for Sexual Abuse & Rape. At age 13 I was sexually abused and raped for months by a family friend. The truth of what he had done to me came out after months of abuse and threats of what he'd do if I told anyone. It affected how I viewed everything. Love, relationships and friends. For years it affected my decisions and my image of myself. I lost many people over the years as a result of no proper counseling or support after this happened. Most importantly I didn't love or respect myself because I didn't believe I deserved it. After the abuse I developed PTSD and Trichotillomania. It took years of self destruction and mistakes to finally put myself into therapy once I was age 23. It took that long for me to seek help on my own. I was always told to keep quiet about this. As if I have something to be ashamed of. I decided to share my story to raise awareness of sexual abuse. To show that you're not alone. To show you have nothing to be ashamed of. To tell survivors that what happened to you doesn't make you worth less. It doesn't make you weak. To speak directly to parents to make sure you communicate with your children. Let them know they aren't alone. That they are loved. That they can tell you anything. That they are warm in their bed at night. Safe. Mental health is important. Therapy after a traumatic life experience is essential. I was scared to share this until I thought about it maybe helping others talk about it too. Im writing for everyone to be AWARE that this is a reality. To be kind, because you have no idea what someone has been through or what they've seen. Keep your children safe and close to you. If anyone needs to talk I'm here. You're not alone.” @molly.k.morgan

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