Suicide Prevention

"I wear YELLOW for Suicide Prevention. I woke up in the hospital in November 2014. I remember calling a friend crying and telling her my intentions, and cops showed up. I had an IV connected to my vein and I had thrown up the pills and alcohol before it could take effect. I had just found out that my boyfriend (at the time) had slept with 5 girls and the narcissist encouraged me to kill myself. At the time, I was $100k in credit card / student loan debt, working operations for corporate, going to school, and I was partying 2-3x a week. It was a dark building I worked in, and I felt trapped, in my self- loathing, confined to my cubicle. I thought, "Is this all life is? Debt, cheating boyfriends, paying bills and being miserable? "I went home one day, and just decided to give up. As I was Baker acted, I met a woman named Phyllis. For the 3 days we talked, laughed, exchanged stories, all in front of a nurse, who watched us, she was very quiet, didn't say a word but smile and laugh in our convos, with an occasional head nod.And on the last day, I was diagnosed with PMDD, which explained much of my behavior, apparently. Once I was cleared to leave, Phyllis said, "I don't want to see you again. YOU got a second chance. "The nurse's name was Rosa, which is my Grandmother's name who passed on my birthday. I was very close to her and always considered her my angel. It is as if she had been watching over me. My 2 angels.
After that wakeup call from my angels, I cleaned up my life. I left that narcissist and joined a business venture that was meaningful to me, that gives me a platform to help other women change their own lives and even, SAVE them. I even found my soulmate months after, I'm in love with my purpose, my puppy, the people I kept,  and I look back, thinking, "Thank God I'm still here." For any survivor reading this-YOU have a second chance.Talk to a friend. Call the Prevention Hotline. You CAN figure out your life and it IS worth saving. Remember, it may be hard now, but it won't last forever.
Live your life for YOU. Protect it. A world without you, is a loss for us.” @philma.marie

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