Bipolar Disorder - @autogamy_selfcare

“Hi all! My name is Amy I’m 22 and I was diagnosed with bi polar disorder at 19 years old. I had dealt with depression and anxiety all through out my high school years and was misdiagnosed because Bi Polar is often mistaken for other illnesses. One thing I want people to know is while people with Bi Polar do experience extreme changes in mood, it doesn’t happen around the clock. The medicines I am on do well with controlling my manic episodes, but I do still experience depressive episodes. My favorite thing about the necklace is it visually shows the light and dark in Bi Polar manic and depressive very well. If you are interested in bringing attention to a cause please use the code “AWARE15” to receive 15% off your purchase. Bi Polar does not define you. No matter how hard it gets just push through, surround yourself with people who you show that little glimmer of light. I am a senior in undergrad studying Vocal Performance and am applying to grad schools for Expressive Arts Therapy which I am very passionate about.” @autogamy_selfcare

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