Breast Cancer - @notoriousmbc_

“I've had always been healthy with a strong body and then one day that changed. I found a lump and was diagnosed with triple-positive breast cancer that had spread to 6 lymph nodes. The day of my first chemo appointment, I was told cancer had spread to my lungs, liver, and bone. I am a stage four metastatic breast cancer patient. My prognosis is 2-10 years, and I have now been in active treatment for 3 years. I've learned that there are effective drugs that are keeping my original METS from growing. I'm NOT in remission and never will be. The drug Herceptin is helping to slow down cancer from growing and spreading as long as possible. Even with all the "pink campaigns" that talk about early detection, there is little awareness about the later stages of breast cancer. Each day I choose to live my best life and help educate those who want to know about my cancer story. I wear this necklace to draw awareness to the disease that spreads beyond the breast, Metastatic Breast Cancer. Most recently, I now have metastasis to my brain. I had (SRS) radiation to stop the growth. A repeat MRI showed that the two original METS had reduced in size. However, I had two new metastasis. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, they either choose to live or to die. There are beautiful days, and there are those with bad news. Either way, I plan to live and to thrive through my day to day journey.” @notoriousmbc_


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