Breast Cancer - @soloescancer

“I was fulfilling my duty as a mom by feeding my baby when I discovered a small bump on my breast. Never had I imagined that from that moment on, my life would change forever. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage III and my biggest predicament was being forced to stop breastfeeding my 4 months old baby, he was so little and not aware of what was happening or what his mom was going through, however without even knowing he saved my life. Prior to that moment, I was showing no symptoms at all, I was always a “healthy person” but in a matter of hours my world was rocked. Nowadays I realize that was the way that life encourages me to live a better and meaningful life. Today I am a proud 35 years old woman with 2 years in remission, feeling passionate about shining a bright light upon people affected and that are currently fighting this and any other diseases. I am here to show my support for this cause and deliver my message to everyone: “believe that only true power and strength comes from within ourselves” @soloescancer

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