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"How's it going? I am a proud cancer survivor. I actually wasn't too afraid. I was unfortunately devastated at the confirmation of losing my hair. My damn hair, LOL! I had a lump in my breast that was a big clue that something was wrong. I didnt anticipate that I was going to be put on chemo, though. At first I was supposed to be a stage 0 with a quick surgery. The 2nd biopsy revealed my breast cancer was stage TWO. The chemo was harder than I thought. Some days I felt like i wanted to vomit but i couldn't. Most days food of any kind tasted like absolute crap. I survived on smoothies and the prayers of one day I wouldn't feel that pain..I decided to make the best of it by writing, and starring in my own cancer film. I got over some of my vanity with the side effects of the treatments and masectomy. I was given several wigs, but some days it's just too dang hot. And that's fine. Your life isn't over and Im still acting. In fact, my short-haired headshot landed me an ongoing role on a national TV. Im actually writing this between scenes right now. Much love!" @madelaineshouse

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