Cancer - @chyna_he_smiley_pitbull⠀

“Hi! My name is Chyna. I’m a 4 year old pitbull rescued from a horrible life in Phoenix, AZ in Aug/19. My mom Casey pretty much adopted me right away (she started off as my foster mom). At my very first vet visit we were shocked to hear the awful news. I have cancer. And I have more than one type. So far I’ve had two mammary glands completely removed due to tumors, and most of my underbelly in skin cancer removed. This major surgery back in Dec/19 on my underbelly and hind legs left me with over 100 stitches and staples. I looked a bit like Frankenstein. Luckily, I am now breast cancer free! However skin cancer is an ugly battle, and we aren’t done fighting yet. My next surgery is January 22. You might be surprised to learn that I smile ALL THE TIME! It’s true! You would too if you could feel all the love I have in my life now. Though this is not how I pictured my new life to go, I’m staying smiley. This necklace is a conversation starter because sometimes you can’t see what is literally killing someone, just by looking at them. I’m a fighter, and my mom will proudly show off my necklace (when I’m not wearing it myself of course) and fight right beside me.” @chyna_he_smiley_pitbull⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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