Child Abuse - @heywadeking

“Hello! My name is Wade King and I was a victim of physical child abuse, but now I am victorious over child abuse. The memories will never leave me and the scars (mental and physical) with always remain. I have recently realized as I’ve gotten older that the abuse has left a lasting impact on me and my life. Throughout my life I have been passed around, been homeless, neglected, and yet I’ve perceived through it all because I refused to be a statistic. This blue necklace reminds me that I overcame and will forever wrestle with those scars, but I will not let it define me. I have a beautiful baby boy, the perfect wife, and am able to positively impact thousands of educators and millions of children. 17% of children in America are victims of child abuse. A.W.A.R.E. Necklaces bring attention to multiple causes, but this one hits home with me. If you are interested in bringing attention to a cause please use the code “AWARE15” to receive 15% off your purchase and use the link in the bio to purchase or donate!” @heywadeking

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