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"Hello! I am Chelsea and this is my sidekick, Sweet Pea. This past December, my best friend, Lea, passed away from Cystic Fibrosis. Lea was a passionate, positive, inspiring, strong woman, and she never let her illness define her or convince her that she couldn’t do everything she wanted to do. She was a fierce friend and a brilliant nurse, and she loved to explore in order to appreciate the beauty in the world. Lea and I went on several trips together every year, and in honor of Lea’s adventurous spirit, I continue to travel with Sweet Pea by my side and document our adventures. CF is a genetic disease that impacts mostly the lungs and digestive system and Lea had to work hard everyday, taking numerous medications and doing hours of treatments, just to be able to maintain her health. Lea decided early on, however, that she would not let this slow her down or keep her from dreaming big. After connecting with others who had CF through social media, she decided to become more involved in the CF community and help spread awareness for this illness. Through her advocacy work on the podcast she cohosted and her social media platform she co-created, she became a public figure in the CF community. She reached so many people through her work, but also took the time to talk one on one with many people with chronic illnesses to help and support them in whatever way she could. This led her to her dream of creating a foundation that would help improve quality of life for children with CF and other chronic illnesses. Lea passed before the Foundation came to existence, but Lea’s family and friends have worked tirelessly to make her dream a reality. The Lea Marie Faraone Foundation was created in Lea’s honor and to carry out her mission of providing opportunities for children fighting chronic illnesses live a fulfilling life. If you are interested in learning more, please follow LMFF or visit their website,

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