Domestic Violence - @acescustomclothing

“My name is Adrienne, this purple necklace symbolizes so much for me. I was in my 20's and in a very abusive relationship. Purple is the color for domestic violence. I don't like to call myself a victim, I was just unaware. I had repeatedly been told that if someone hits you you hit them back. No one ever told me that "he" should never have hit at all. People who aren't in the situation believe that leaving is the only thing you need to do to get away from the situation that isn't always the case. Fast forward to the age of 31 right before my 32nd birthday and I was in the hospital dying. My kidneys failed, my heart stopped,  I was put on chemotherapy as a treatment and given a handful of pills daily. I was diagnosed with Lupus. I'd never heard much about Lupus but I had it. I was told that I had maybe 5 years of life left in me and that I could not have any more children.  In 6 weeks I will  be 45. Thanks to lupus I have had 3 heart attacks, chronic kidney failure, degenerative disc disorder, nerve damage and 2 different blood disorders. In spite of all that, I'm still here.. living, laughing and enjoying my days with my 10 year old son.” @acescustomclothing

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