Domestic Violence - @lillith_lafrey

"Hello my name in Lillith I can’t give my real name due to the open court cases. I am a survivor of domestic violence and mental abuse. For 3 years I live in constant fear and terror. I couldn’t get out.  What was worse was the fact that he used gas lighting as well as physical abuse in order to keep me under his thumb. every time he would have an incident where he would hit or yell at me He would try to convince me the next day that it was all in my imagination and I dreamed it up. And then he would come at me with accusations or do I need to have you committed to a mental institution because you’re going crazy? Or he would say things like I fear for my life and my safety because you’re dangerous if you are imagining that all of these things are happening the way that you think they’re happening. Or make it seem like he was the victim in this situation and he’s kind of mind games really warped my reality. Eventually he found a new young lady that he wanted to pursue who was younger than me and had children just like me but she was in a bad financial situation. And I guess he got bored of taking things away from me and trying to control me because he had completely domesticated me in the sense that I couldn’t leave I didn’t want to leave and there was no way for me to leave. And so he left and I got all my reports please report CPS reports hospital reports everything open so that way I can get full custody of my son. I go to a women’s shelter now it’s for group therapy and support groups and classes on how to cope. I am not a victim and I won’t try to be a victim I am a survivor I’m stronger than the situation and I’m going to push through and I’m gonna be on top." @lillith_lafrey

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