Down Syndrome - @dsrfcanada

"Danielle is one exceptionally busy young lady. When she’s not serving as an Ambassador for the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation, working at DSRF’s front desk, or winning medals in multiple Special Olympics sports including softball and rhythmic gymnastics, she can often be found walking the aisles of Loblaw City Market – her workplace of four-and-a-half years. She makes her way around Vancouver by herself using the transit system, and returns home each night to her apartment where she lives semi-independently. Danielle is a wonderful example of the incredible things individuals with Down syndrome can achieve. She is an active and productive member of the community who is living a full and fulfilling life. Danielle is a graduate of the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation, which works to empower all individuals with Down syndrome to reach their full potential – just like Danielle! Her Down syndrome A.W.A.R.E. necklace is a visible reminder that people with Down syndrome should be included in all aspects of life and society." @dsrfcanada

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