Eating Disorders - @lovelyandlazy

"Hi! My name is Haley, and I am 21 years old & living in Cleveland, OH with my boyfriend and dog. I’m also the face of someone who’s struggled with an eating disorder. In high school, I became insecure about my body (especially my belly) and joined the YouTube and Instagram fitness craze to try and lose some weight. Needless to say, I spiraled out of control. Years later, I discovered recovery....& I’m so fortunate that I did! Having an IBS diagnosis has complicated my recovery but hasn’t slowed my roll. It’s taught me to balance taking care of my body with enjoying fear foods again. Now, I blog about both my illnesses at and have built an IG community at @lovelyandlazy. I am HAES, fat-positive and all are welcome on my account! Besides my blog and Insta, though, my AWARE necklace is my favorite way to spark conversation about eating disorders and the importance of preventing and treating them. Thank you to AWARE for giving me a platform to share my story!" @lovelyandlazy

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