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Eating Disorders - @morganhannaleck

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“I grew up constantly questioning myself. At a young age, I experienced several incidents that made me question my worth, leading to self-doubt and insecurity. I accepted this as my reality and brought this genuine belief with me everywhere I went. Trying to find value wherever I could, I began to seek validation through relationships with others. In high school, when my very first relationship ended harshly, it left me struggling with crippling anxiety and depression. Seeking a way to fill the internal void I felt, I threw myself wholeheartedly into a second relationship. Feeling like I was never good enough, and willing to do anything to feel worthy of whom I loved, I began partaking in extreme dieting and exercise measures in order to attain the “perfect” physique. I felt as if she looked perfect, I would be perfect, and the people that I loved would never leave me. When my second relationship ended, my anxiety, depression, insecurity, and low self-worth grew. My eating disorder developed and consumed nearly every thought I had, and I felt value in this struggle as if it was a goal to grasp onto at the end of every single day. Realizing that my feelings and behaviors were taking my life away rather than adding to it, I decided to go to a residential treatment program in order to face these issues head on. I came to the root of these problems during my treatment, and developed new, positive coping mechanisms. Once I had been discharged from treatment, I utilized all positive mechanisms I learned, adhered to mu meal plan, and kept up with my therapy appointments. I began to see more life in everyday and fell in love with what she was slowly regaining. Now, years into my recovery, I wish to pass along my story to give hope to others who may experience mental health challenges.” @morganhannaleck

Eating Disorders

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