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"Hey, my name's Tori, I've had bulimia and anorexia for over 14 years now. I'd purge all day every other hour or two of the day, and when I wasn't, I just wouldn't eat or drink.  Kids were mean in school. I was told "I bet you can't lose 10lbs bc you're fat." So I stopped eating. Something just clicked in my mind and I stopped. By the time I was 17/18 I was under 79lbs at 5'5". My mom and dad tried to get me into impatient treatment centers, but I'd never go. I'd convince them I'd eat. That's how horrible having one is. I have had to go to the ER multiple times for potassium iv, because it was so critically low. I'm still trying to recover, but I know I can't do it on my own. Facts I've experienced through out my disorder; I lost all my top teeth. You'll end up with dentures. You could develop seizures and tachycardia, like I did. Your hair WILL fall out. I always thought it was a myth, but my hair is so thin and it just makes one even more depressed and frustrated because they just want the obsessive food thoughts to go away. You could die from a heart attack, it will just give out. I almost died from how low my potassium had been. Food scares me but I know I need it to live and to live for my daughter. Also you'll bruise very easily, especially when on keppra for seizures. It's a side effect. I just hope my story or journey in the making, to change for the better could inspire just one person. Also men speak up too! We need to spread eating disorder awareness for men as well. Oh also, I've noticed my memory has been becoming worse with time. It's hard to remember what I wanted to do a minute ago. If anyone ever wants to dm me to vent, I'll listen." @Nomsmom_

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