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“Hi my name is Caneshia and I am 27 years old. I have been dealing with Endometriosis for 3 years. I had so many dark days and my quality of life had went down the drain. I gained so much weight and was so swollen from inflammation. I went through 2 gynecologist before I got the right diagnosis and then afterwards I was put on Lupron. Lupron was a total nightmare for me. I dealt with hot flashes, migraines, anxiety, joint pain and memory loss all while still in pain. Some of these side effects are still with me and I’ve been off of Lupron for a year in a half. After being off of Lupron I had finally found a way to manage my pain. I started keeping a food diary and paid very close attention to what I put in my body and to the foods that caused me to flare. After 2 months of diet changes I started working out and focusing on being healthy mentally spiritually and physically. After cleansing my body and putting my mind in a better place my fiancé and I found out that we were expecting!!! This was huge for us because we were told from a gynecologist that I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant. My fiancé and I found out that we were having and beautiful baby girl. Now 10 months have passed and our miracle baby is here with us giving me a purpose. We went through so much hell to get here and Endometriosis will always be a battle for me. I want my Endo Sisters to know that there is hope for us all it just starts with letting our voices be heard!” @endosistersunited 


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