Endometriosis - @amanda.haswell

“I'm wearing this yellow aware necklace because I know endo. I became rather #endoexperienced as I trudged my way through the majority of my life holding on to the belief that this was just how everyone felt. As an adult, it has been discovered that I have a handful of chronic illnesses including Lyme and autoimmune disease, chronic pain, inflammation, and mental health issues -to name a few. My experience with endo comes with a few months of validation, over 12 years of sucking it up, a dash of not looking sick, and a smidgen of disbelief in my entire self. I have only just begun sharing a slice of my experience with endometriosis, and I will continue to use my voice to raise awareness for it. I created www.iknowendo.com, where I work to expose the humans who support humans with endo. I share my photography, experience, and partner with other humans who know endo. The idea that nobody can see our illness is outdated, because we are seen. The humans in our lives are visible and so is their support. Endo isn't easy, there is no cure, frankly, there is no treatment either. We are left to fend for ourselves while also attempting to be productive members of society. We need to be aware, we need to stand together, and we need to listen to humans who have something to say. If my endo was showing, it would not have taken me the majority of my life to get a diagnosis. I would not have had to battle this on my own. We can do better - let's make it happen.” @amanda.haswell 

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