Endometriosis - @newhopeinfertility_amy

“Endometriosis. No one prepared me for the devastation that this one word would have on my life. For as long as I can remember I have suffered from life altering pelvic pain during my period, and in between periods. I was misdiagnosed for almost 8 years…and had doctors telling me I just had “bad periods”. I was finally officially diagnosed in 2013 by laparoscopic surgery (the only way to definitively diagnose endo). After the diagnosis I was scared, but so grateful to finally have answers! Living with this disease as shown me what a warrior I truly am. Some days are truly a battle..and people just don't understand. Not only am I suffering from chronic pain and fatigue, but endometriosis has also caused me to struggle with infertility. I wear my yellow AWARE necklace because I am 1 in 10. I wear this to encourage others to talk about these issues more! I wear this for all the women who are struggling to find hope, struggling to find someone who understands, who are struggling to finally get a diagnosis! Don't be silent, speak up and let your voice be heard!” @newhopeinfertility_amy

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