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"My name is Yvonne from Fullerton CA and last year I was diagnosed with depression and endometriosis. Before my endo was finally found I spent years suffering from painful cramps and menstrual cycles to the point I couldn't get out of bed and on the worst days I was dizzy, nauseous, and vomiting. I thought painful periods was just the way it was. Things got worse and I began to isolate myself because the pain was too much to bare. I spent many days in my room crying and praying for this pain to stop. I missed out on family get togethers, birthdays, and even holidays. My depression didn't help the situation at all. I was in a dark hole and didn't know how to get out. I begged doctors to figure out what was wrong with me but doctor after doctor and test after test, everything came back normal, until it didn't. Thanks to one doctor who listened, really listened, and did everything she knew she could. And finally, she came back with, "I think you have something called endometriosis and I need you to see a specialist right away... Especially if you want to have children someday." Endometriosis!? I never heard of it but even as I lay in the ER bed I was excited to maybe, finally have a name to it. We found a specialist and just like that I scheduled my laprascopic surgery to and it was confirmed, stage 3 endometriosis. Well here's the thing. There is no cure for endo. Surgery will help, birth control has helped, and a hysterectomy is NOT a cure. It is my duty as a chronic illness warrior to inform others of this disease and I'm so happy a platform like @awarecauses exists for me to do so. (to follow my journey find me at @outdoorsy_girl_yvonne and at my hiking group page @hikingonpurpose where we support wounded veterans and chronic illness warrior's)." @outdoorsy_girl_yvonne

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