Fibromyalgia - @lytoriathefairy

“I wear purple for fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed after years of chronic migraines and a bout of Lyme disease resulted in pain that never went away. Eventually, I was overly sensitive in all my trigger points, ended up in the ER during the solar eclipse with a horrific neck muscle spasm, and could not shake the ever-worsening brain fog. Even though I have many other health problems (e.g. IBS, TMJ disorder, silent reflux, anxiety, and depression) this is the most controversial one. Too many people, including doctors, still think of it as psychosomatic or a misdiagnosis but studies have proven that fibromyalgia is a real disease! I'm wearing this necklace as a way to remind myself that what I struggle with is real, to start a conversation with others about invisible illnesses, and to feel empowered that I am not alone. We are not alone.” @lytoriathefairy

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