IBD (Crohns and Colitis) - @_jenna_ziegler

"Hi, I’m @_jenna_ziegler, born and raised in California now living in Tennessee! I proudly wear the purple Awareness necklace to raise awareness about inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis five years ago, so as I write this message, it’s my five-year diagnosis anniversary! Ulcerative colitis is an invisible illness, because, while I may look healthy on the outside, my intestines are swarmed with chronic inflammation. You can probably guess that this half-decade with ulcerative colitis has been a roller coaster ride. I’ve learned things about life and about myself that I never thought I’d need to know—from how to advocate for myself in the doctor’s office to the perfect position to lay to give myself enemas. I run a blog called The Comical Colon where I share my medical journey in a comical light to encourage others to share their unique health journeys. I truly believe that community forms when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. I’m so happy to partner with AWARE so I can continue to spread awareness, hope, and sensible chuckles." @_jenna_ziegler

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