IBD (Crohns and Colitis) - @lucysb_

“My name is Lucy Jane, I’m a fashion blogger from the UK & you probably can’t tell but 4 weeks ago I had major surgery due to my Ulcerative Colitis. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with the disease and for 2 years it completely ruled my life. My days were filled with constant stomach pains, countless toilet trips, bloating, 10+ tablets, iron deficiencies, infections, so many hospital visits and a whole lot of different medications. I didn’t have my life, Ulcerative Colitis had my life. After becoming worse in Jan 2019, on Saturday 16th Feb I had a sub-total colectomy leaving me without a colon but with an Ileostomy! I call my stoma Sally and think she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me! Although I still ache, I wake up in no pain, go to bed with no pain and have all control back that I’d lost for 2 years! Purple is my colour to represent Crohn’s and Colitis, they’re awful diseases that aren’t spoken about enough just because they’re to do with poo! I’m going to wear this necklace with pride and speak openly about my disease because the more awareness, the less isolated we feel! These are invisible illness’ but we shouldn’t be made to feel like we should suffer in silence! So I’m Lucy, I poo in a bag and I’m ready to shout about that to the world because this lil bag has given me a new chance at life.” @lucysb_ 

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