IBD (Crohns and Colitis) - @paleocrohnsandharriet 

"My name is Harriet and I work in the NHS and we joke there’s no secrets in Operating Theatres. Coming back from sick leave I felt embarrassed having a bowel illness. Which was silly as I’m in a caring profession. My team have been so great too. Last October I felt so unwell, and in November I was diagnosed with a mild form of Crohn’s disease. Ten months later I’m still learning about my body and I’m sure it will be life-long. I tried out the paleo diet for January, and felt wonderful, but it didn’t last long. I have taken the principles and made my own. But I still worry about going out to eat. This photo is from a holiday in New York. Where finding paleo and organic food was great and I felt happy and proud to wear the necklace in the US. Thanks to AWARE causes when wearing my necklace it opens up conversations for invisible illness. People ask me what it is and then the company and look it up for all the causes that then may relate to them. I chose a gold necklace as I always wear silver, a small chance for myself." @paleocrohnsandharriet

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