Infertility - @chelscaris

“Hi there, I’m Chelsea Caris and I am from Oakdale California! I wear my necklace to raise awareness for those who suffer from infertility. I, myself am 1 in 8 women who suffer from inconclusive or unexplainable infertility. My husband and I were pregnant with twin boys Ethan and Kyle. Very late in my pregnancy something went wrong and ended up losing both of our boys. Since then, we’ve had 3 miscarriages and now aren’t getting pregnant. We started our fertility journey in February of 2019. We have gone through several IUI’s and are now moving on to IVF. The hormones, the emotions, the questions, the heartache are all part of the process, but I am confident that god has a plan for us and our family. As hard as it is, keeping calm and confidence in yourself is the hardest part but so incredibly necessary to make it through. Not having answers as to why this happens to “you” and not others can eat a way at you, so keeping the faith in your body and self is essential. To anyone who’s going through infertility, I see you, I am you, and my heart is with you.” @chelscaris

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