Invisible Illness - @chronicallykaylasue

“Hey I’m Kayla and my body is a mess. When I was 18, I was given a chemo drug to treat my endometriosis, and the drug destroyed my body and obliterated my Autonomic Nervous System. As a result, I have a whole bunch of chronic illnesses, all of which took years to be diagnosed because I was “too pretty to be sick”. Two separate doctors said those exact words to me. So I got the white colored necklace, to represent invisible illness. People tend to judge others at face value, I love the fact that this necklace can be a conversation starter through which I can advocate for chronic and invisible illness. I also chose the white necklace because the color white is made up of every single other color mixed together. There are so many other causes that I support and fight for and this necklace has the ability to open the door to conversation about all the causes I am passionate about!” @chronicallykaylasue 

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