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“Hey! I’m Ania and I am a Lupus Warrior. After being diagnosed almost four years ago now, it has been an interesting and unpredictable journey thus far. I have a strong holistic outlook for my health and healing process. That’s mean including all aspects of life into healing, with things such as exercise, diet, natural herbs, mental health, and self-care! I’m currently a certified herbalist, blood analyst, and working on my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and I plan to go further with my education. All of these things play such a huge role in how I manage lupus and how I try to help others do the same. Support in this journey is so important. My gain goal is remission! And I know that the journey will be rocky, but maintaining motivation and keeping my eyes on the prize will help to guide me. Awareness and educating those who are in a position where I was not too long ago, wondering what to do next with the unexplainable illness, is something that gives me joy and meaning in life! I intend to help as many people as possible and help with others gain the same determination to regain their health and take their lives back!” @lovelifelupus

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