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“I was diagnosed with Lyme disease two years ago. It wasn’t until this year when I found out I also have two co-infections, babesia and bartonella. In the months before I was diagnosed, no doctor took me seriously. They all believed I was crazy and prescribed me anxiety pill after anxiety pill, misdiagnosing my seizures as panic attacks. My neuro symptoms were so bad that at times I couldn’t walk, stand, or even move my head... I was constantly on the verge of blacking out. When I suspected Lyme, I had to force my doctor to test me for it. He was shocked when the results came back positive; he told me this personally. Soon after, he ended up diagnosing several of his other patients with Lyme, too. Since my diagnosis, I’ve been out of school, had to quit my job, completely changed my diet, and am currently waiting to heal with my treatment. It’s such a long, painful process to endure. This is why spreading awareness is so important! I wish I had someone two years ago to tell me what I know now. If I had a doctor or friend aware of Lyme disease symptoms in the beginning of all of this, I would have been cured. Now, I don’t know how long it will take to be back to my normal self again.” @augustlyme

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