Lyme Disease - @canarysheart

“This is my son, Case Ragon. He is an amazing, loving, funny four year old. Case was diagnosed with Lyme disease seven months ago. Pediatric Lyme can look a lot different than adult or chronic Lyme. It presents itself with speech delays, development delays, behavorial outbursts, anxiety, OCD, and impulsivity. After the tests showed a positive result for Borrelia (Lyme), Babesia, and Bartonella (co infections) we immediately sought treatment from an LLMD (Lyme literate doctor) in Denver. Case is currently on month five of treatment. A few months later, after further testing and research I discovered that I also had Lyme and co infections and had passed it to Case in my womb during pregnancy; congenially. My hope in sharing our story is that other families and children will know that they are not alone and that the road is tough but there are resources to help begin recovery. Case is my warrior and my strength. Lyme does not define him it simply makes him stronger.” @canarysheart

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