Lyme Disease - @hangingbya_hairtie

"Hi guys! My name is Leeann from New Jersey. I am rocking my Aware necklace to support my current battle with Lyme disease plus 2 co- infections. On the outside, I look perfectly healthy, but the truth is, For the past 6 months I’ve been on an extensive course of antibiotics, iv and oral. Fighting for my body and life back. I had no idea this disease can rob us of our bodies, attack organs, and bones. Rewind to 2 years ago, I called it my “mystery illness” every dr scratched their heads at my case with no help besides placebo. I went through tons of tests that came back negative, finally a year later, they told me It is my spleen and it may be cancer, so it needs to come out. Horrified at this point, they removed my intense, enlarged, spleen. After the biopsy,  they shipped me off with no diagnosis. Come back in 6 months. This is the problem with Lyme disease and lack of resources, to add no help with medical care that is not covered by insurance. Lyme is real. People go misdiagnosed for years feeling unheard and helpless, I won’t stop being a voice for us Lyme warriors." @hangingbya_hairtie

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