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“My name is Kailee, I am 26 and I wear green because I have Lyme Disease. On Jan 2nd 2019, my life would never be the same. I never saw a tick or a rash, but this day I woke up to screaming anxiety, completely numb arms, extreme fatigue, confusion, nausea/vomiting, violent tremblers, pain behind both eyes, electric feeling throughout my body, crazy insomnia, palpitations, along with a list of other symptoms. I would go 2 weeks without eating, and over 3 months losing 20lbs and being miss diagnosed with: Chronic Fatigue, Fibermyalgia, MS, Anxiety, & Depression (Lyme is called the Great Mimicker) by 8 different doctors before one listened to me and tested for Lyme. I also tested positive for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever & Ehrlichia. I can not have anymore kids because of this disease. I can not eat Gluten, Sugar, Dairy, Booze, or Caffeine. I have to take 5 antibiotics and 22 herb pills twice a day. I see my doctor once a month without insurance with no end in sight because chronic lyme isn’t recognized as a ‘real’ disease. When I feel good some days i cry for joy, but most days I feel symptoms that are dehabilitating and people still say ‘but you don’t look sick...’ I am thankful for companys like A.W.A.R.E. which is founded To raise awareness of this disease. Doctors call us crazy and it is ‘all in our head’. Lyme is savage & tough. But so am I. To wear this Necklace is to show others there is hope and that, even though there is no cure for chronic lyme, there can be someday! The more awareness the better! To wear this is to tell people to protect themselves against TICKS! Please wear light, long clothing outside. Wear Deet everytime and check for ticks on you and your family when you come inside. They are in all states. And if you think you have Lyme, fight for yourself. Fight like hell to get treatment you deserve.” @kaileed24

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