Lyme Disease - @linnealifeandlyme

“I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease almost 2.5 years ago and since then, my whole life has changed. I went from traveling the world, scuba diving, always being on the go, to being homebound, rarely leaving the house for anything other than doctor’s appointments and treatments. It has been a rollercoaster - not only because of Lyme, but also the cascade of other problems it caused, the latest being autoimmune encephalitis. I rarely see my friends and family. I cannot work. Every day, I live in a haze of brain fog, with chronic pain and severe, debilitating fatigue. One of the reasons I started my blog is to raise awareness. Unfortunately, chronic Lyme disease is not recognized. As a result, funding is lacking, patients are often misdiagnosed, mistreated, and left to fend for themselves, with huge out of pocket expenses. This is why I think awareness is so important. I was so excited to receive my green @awarecauses necklace for Lyme disease. By wearing this, I can spark conversations and raise more awareness for a cause that is close to my heart and needs more recognition.” @linnealifeandlyme 

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