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"Initially, I was drawn to the triangle and weight of this piece after graduating from Springfield College, where the inverted triangle is a map for the spirit, mind and body. Learning more about A.W.A.R.E Causes bringing hidden / invisible diagnoses into the light, where something like a beautiful necklace to spark a conversation to help educate the public on the rate of misdiagnosed Lyme cases and severity of illness that Lyme can escalate to. I have spent 27 years fighting for a correct diagnosis, and within the last year, I’ve been fighting for my life as a result of this diagnosis. My significant other, high school sweetheart and full-time caregiver Eddie, and I have been traveling across the country and even outside of the country to receive life-saving treatment, and fighting misconceptions about my illness along the way. We have connected with countless other invisible illness warriors along the way, joining hands in the fight much bigger than ourselves. A.W.A.R.E Causes is great for us as we are also so focused on bringing awareness to other Lyme Disease patients that are suffering in the silence. Causes like A.W.A.R.E help bring people like us out of the darkness and into the light in hopes for better treatment and care. We have to educate our friends, families, communities, our doctors and other medical providers in hopes for better diagnostic testing in desperation for early identification of the correct various bacterial infections. Thank you to A.W.A.R.E Causes for your strength, passion and bravery in creating a safe space to share stories like mine." @lymekhaleesi

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I love you girl! 💚💚 You’re so so strong


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