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"It was October of 2014 when a Rheumatologist in San Diego finally provided answers to the declining health I was experiencing since 2005. He said the root cause of all these symptoms was Chronic Lyme Disease along with Celiac Disease. I remember the doctor and nurses saying treatment would be a daily routine, intense and grueling. They informed me that I would get worse before I started to feel better and that it would not only take a physical toll on my body, but also mentally as well. I started doing daily intravenous antibiotics (Rocephin and Silver Hydrosol) Monday through Friday. There were no off days, even through Christmas that year. It was the first year I would not be with my family back in Indiana. As the days turned into weeks, I was hopeful the IVs would help calm the storm going on inside my body causing debilitating pain each day. At the time, the doctor ran a test called CD57, which basically determines how well your body is fighting infection. While the normal range is 60-360, my number in 2014 showed an 8. This number throughout the last 4.5 years of treatment has only increased to 24, until recently...I’m happy to say this number is now at 44. Although it’s still very low, I consider this a stride in the right direction. My doctor stated this number needs to be around 130, among other things, before we consider stopping treatment. Until then...TREAT. HOPE. PRAY. WAIT. Much love fellow warriors!" @mission_to_remission

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